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Launch of Placement Ready – 27th March 2012 -Tirupathi

29 Mar

Launch of Placement Ready

An Affordable and Efficient Training and Placement Platform.

Prof. L.S. Ganesh, Dean of Students, IIT Madras is inaugurating Placement Ready for the following colleges in Tirupathi (at Hotel Grand):

1. KMM Institute of Technology and Science, Tirupathi,

2. Vemu Institute of Technology, Tirupathi

3. Shree Institute of Technical Education, Tirupathi and

4. Seshachala Institute of Technology, Tirupathi

Placement Ready is an innovative product developed by IIT Alumni. Placement Ready will train the students and make them employable. Placement Ready also provides jobs and internship opportunities to students. Placement Ready can be accessed through www.btechguru.com.

Mr.B.Nagarajan, Deputy Registrar (Training and Placement) of IIT Madras is giving lecture on training and placement initiatives


Placement Ready – Recruitment, Assessment, Video Based Training

29 Mar