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MCMF (My Choice My Future ) Associated with HINDU Education Fair 2018

2 Apr

BodhBridge ESPL (https://www.mychoicemyfuture.com)associated with Hindu Education Fair 2018 to provide Free Psychometric Test. For more details visit http://www.thehindueducationfair.com/

Interested students can take free test at https://www.mychoicemyfuture.com/hindu using Coupon Code: HINDU2018


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Tenses With Out Tension- (Best Communication Skills tips: Mrs.Laura Raj)

16 Nov

Tenses With Out Tension:

This video lecture ” Tenses without Tension ” will help students and corporate people to understand following topics

1.Importance of tenses in English grammar
2. Importance of tenses in our daily life
3. Importance of tenses in communication
4. Importance of past tense
5.Importance of using proper verb tenses
6.Why is verb tense important
7. Importance of simple present tense
8. Importance of present tense
9.Tenses in English grammar
10.Tenses in English grammar with examples
11.English grammar tenses rules
12.How many tenses in English