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Placement Ready Pooled Campus Drive for HCL

3 Apr

Placement Ready Pooled Campus Drive for HCL

Summer Internship @ Btechguru

22 Apr

Bodhbridge Educational Services Pvt Ltd.
Job Description:
1. Content Development
2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Skill Set:
Good Internet Knowledge

B.E/B.Tech, MBA

Place / Venue:

Interested Students, Please mail your Resume to info@btechguru.com

Student Projects @ IIT Madras

14 Dec

Hello Readers!! Welcome to Ashwin’s blog! Before we get down reading the blog, let me introduce myself. I am Ashwin, a student of Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. In this article I am going to tell you guys something about projects that were assigned to us during our first semester. The projects were really interesting and mind-boggling! Let me tell you how the project came about. Every First Year has to take up a course called ID1100 in his first semester. ID1100 stands for Inter Disciplinary Course. I really dont know what 1100 stands for! The course comprises of Concepts in Engineering Design. Professors from various departments come and teach us few lectures on the design aspect of their field. It was a really fun course and we gota shallow introduction to most of the departments. During the course, there were two design competitions. We were asked to form teams and there was list of topics from which we had to select one and work on it. The Projects really tested one’s engineering skill and his design capabilities. I will share with you guys the list of project topics we got.

Design Competition I

1) Wireless Lamp – We had to build a lamp where the power source is not connected to the lamp by any physical contact.

2) Dustbin- In this we had to design a dustbin that had certain features and certain conditions to be met.

3) Multi Functional Desk – We had to build a multi funtional desk using scrap  materials

4) Paper Stool – We had to build a three legged stool entirely made of news paper and cellotape. It should bear an average person’s weight!!

5) Mouse Pointer- In this we had to write a computer program that will calculate the distance between two consecutive mouse clicks

Design Competiton II

1) Bi-Directional Entry Exit Counter.

2) Human pulse detector using photo diode

3) Balloon Powered Vehicle that will move in the shape of 8 with no human intervention

4) Boat which is not powered by any chemical source

5) Broomstick Bridge-the one which can withstand higher loads gets higher points

As you can see, each topic in both the design competition had various aspects of engineering design in every field. All the topics were extremly challenging and each one required considerable amount of research. As freshers, we learnt the meaning of real engineering and how hard it is to plan out a concept. We learnt that it was even harder to fabricate our plan. Overall this course developed in us a liking for engineering and gave us an insight into other fields of engineering.

I think every college and university should implement this course in every degree.

Thanks a lot for reading my article.

Hope you enjoyed it!!