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Career guidance tool launched in six Indian languages, to help the masses make more informed career choices.

2 Jan

MCMF Launch at IIT Madras.jpg

Photo: MCMF Indian Language versions have been launched by Mr. Shaik Mohammad Saleem, Deputy Commissioner, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Chennai,  Prof. L.S Ganesh, from the Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras and Chief Adviser of MCMF Product Development Team, Mr.Balaraju Kondaveeti, CEO and Co-founder of BodhBridge ESPL, Mr.Akshay Kumar, the National Sales Head of Clinical and Education Business of Pearson Clinical and Talent Assessment (PCTA).

Pearson Academy India (PAI), the services arm of Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment, a leading global publisher of psychological assessments, launched six Indian language editions of My Choice My Future (MCMF), an online personality assessment solution for career guidance in the Indian context. MCMF empowers school and college students, and professionals discover their true personalities and map their modal personality traits to suitable career clusters. The launch event, during the 26th Annual Conference of the National Association of Psychologists (NAoP) at IIT-Madras, was well attended by educationists, school and mental-health professionals from across the country.

With MCMF Indian Language Editions, students and professionals can self-assess their personality in six major Indian languages – Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu, besides English. These additional language editions follow the publication of My Choice My Future in English and will empower millions of students and professionals make more informed career decisions. MCMF Indian language editions fill a long-felt gap in career guidance tools that cater to non-English speaking populations in India.

MCMF was developed by BodhBridge ESPL, an educational services company, in collaboration with senior professors and researchers at the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. PCTA has an exclusive partnership with BodhBridge ESPL to make MCMF in English and the Indian Language Editions available to institutions and individuals in India and the rest of the Indian subcontinent.

With the addition of MCMF and its Indian language editions in its portfolio, Pearson Academy India (PAI) augments its career guidance offering in the K-12 and higher education segments.  By taking this scientific and culturally-relevant career guidance solution to thousands of schools and other institutions pan India, PAI aims to help millions of young individuals who struggle to make right and purposive career choices, especially those with limited or no exposure to the English language.

About My Choice My Future: MCMF is based on sound empirical research and has been statistically validated on a sample of more than 4200 students across India.  Mapped reliably to occupations in the Indian context, MCMF assesses an individual on twelve personality traits.  These twelve are classified into four basic personality traits and eight career-oriented personality traits.  The basic personality traits are important irrespective of the career path an individual wishes to pursue.  The career-oriented personality traits are related to career domains.  Each personality trait is measured by six dimensions.

At the end of the 30-minute assessment, test takers promptly receive an automatically-generated, comprehensive and personalized personality report.  PAI connects test takers to its nationwide network of certified MCMF counsellors so that these test takers can receive data-backed career counselling, based on the MCMF personality report, as part of the solution.

Benefits of MCMF

  • The test taker, student or professional, obtains tangible insights into their dominant career-related personality traits, to make informed and purposive career-related decisions.
  • Parents will be able to understand salient aspects of their child’s evolving personality in relation to career interests, and support their child’s personal development and career-related choices.
  • School and career counselors will obtain objective information on the personality profiles of students and other individuals, to offer effective, meaningful career counselling and advice to choose suitable career paths.

Benefits of using MCMF Indian language editions

  • Language options capture a test taker’s career interests and personality variables more accurately for those who are not adequately exposed to the English language
  • Students from schools with vernacular medium of instruction can receive the right career guidance during important academic milestones
  • Government-supported skill development and education programs can expand their reach into the child and youth population that lives beyond urban areas
  • Indian language editions for this online assessment contribute to the Government of India’s Digital India initiatives

Philip Kurian, Country Head and Director, Pearson Clinical and Talent Assessment, stated “We chose to bring MCMF Indian Language Editions to the market as a way of fulfilling our commitment to introducing assessment products that reflect our global standards while catering to Indian sensibilities.  MCMF enables Indian students and professionals chart their career journeys based on objective insights and in a language of their choice.”

During his keynote address at the launch, L. S. Ganesh, Professor, Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras stated, “It is very important for our youth to have a reliable way of assessing their personalities, especially from the perspective of their careers.  Alignment of one’s personality with a choice of career is necessary to experience professional satisfaction and greater workplace productivity.”

Pearson Academy India (PAI) is the services arm of Pearson Clinical and Talent Assessment (PCTA).  PAI Services helps create greater psychological well-being and optimal learning for all individuals, with psychological assessment & intervention services, professional training & certification and career counselling services.

Learn more about PAI Services at www.pearsonclinical.in/pai

Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment (PCTA) has been at the forefront of test publishing for over 100 years.  It is responsible for the publication of many tests which have now become the international standards in their fields.  PCTA’s mission is to promote mental-health and psychological well-being through professional use of psychological assessment and intervention solutions that help transform personal, educational and professional lives of individuals at all ages.  PCTA is a part of Pearson, the world’s learning company.

Learn more about Pearson Clinical & Talent Assessment (PCTA) at www.pearsonclinical.in


MCMF Test Available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada and Malayalam.

31 Dec

MCMF Indian Language Launch - Eenadu - 31st De c 2016.jpg


Launch of MCMF Indian Language Editions at DoMS, IIT Madras

31 Dec


Why should you write a Bank Exam conducted by IBPS

18 Sep

IBPS is an abbreviation of Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. The IBPS examination, called as the common written examination (CWE), was started in 2011 for the selection of officers and clerks in public sector banks. The IBPS exam is one of the most competitive exams in the country and the selection ratio is 1:1000. It is an objective type examination with negative marks for wrong answers and it is the preliminary round for the selection. After clearing this test, the candidates are called for interview processes.

Why should you opt for Banking Exams?

The most preferred choice of youth in the recent years has been a career in bank. This has led to a craze in bank exam preparations. Not only have institutions and course centres have come up with course preparation materials but also the students are starting to come up with loads of interests. But why is there such a big noise among young aspirants about a banking career? Btechguru tells you some reasons as to why people look forward for a career in banking.

  • Growth Opportunities

There is a tremendous growth opportunity in banking stream. Even if a person joins as a trainee level officer, he can move up to the General Manager level in quick time than compared to IT and other companies.

  • Recognition and Respect

Here comes one of the biggest reasons. When you or your parent shares with someone that you are working in a bank, it brings a high quality respect on you. Bank professionals have a good respect in the society. Also, because they directly interact with customers (people), they have good recognition.

  • Job Security

Job security is a FREE package with a bank job. If it’s a public sector bank, not only does job security comes along but also the good employees benefit plans. In a country like India which is growing rapidly, one sector that the Government carefully watches and supports is bank because they are the financial supporters of India’s development. Hence, there is no death or up-downs in this field.

  • Technology Inclusion

Many will be wondering why many of the engineering graduates are opting for banking career. Well, we will tell you why. Even banks have started using the latest software and technology support to ease customer experience. Almost all banks have their own website, net banking system and mobile apps. People get to work with the best available technology which thus adds more value to their profile.

  • Learning Potential

One thing in banking professional’s growth is his/her learning ability. No one gets promoted just like that. From peon to clerk to cashier and GM, everyone has to clear respective norms. Apart from working, the people working in bank also learn for their promotional capabilities. And learning is nothing but a good sign of your career development.

Here are few things you should keep in mind for the IBPS exams?

  • Having a university degree is a basic eligibility for appearing in the exam.
  • For specialist positions, the applicants should have degree in accounting, law, agriculture, IT or management sector.
  • It is mandatory to have computer knowledge certifications for specialist posts as well as other posts.

Though there are many more small reasons for someone to choose a career in banking, the above mentioned are the most important ones. Many institutes and online education platforms have come up with materials for bank exam preparations. We advise you to not fall in the wrong hands. Btechguru is one of the leaders in bank exam preparation courses, as we have courses which are taken by top banking professionals. We don’t sell ourselves, but our quality of courses does. Check out our banking courses and watch FREE PREVIEW VIDEOS HERE in this link: https://www.btechguru.com/courses/demo/BANK-EXAM-COACHING~810dabc5c418becc~btg~bodhbridge.html.

The Advantage of writing GATE conducted by IITs and IISc

18 Sep

GATE, abbreviated as Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, is an India level competitive examination conducted and administered by IITs and IIS. GATE is primarily taken up by students in Engineering, Technology, Architecture and other PG level science subjects. This exam tests the student’s smartness ability in his/her subjects. Those who are smartly able to understand their subjects will get through it easily. The exam’s toughness is so high that only 15% of the candidates who appear get a good score. Sometimes percentile more than 99 is required for admissions in IITs or job interviews in public sector companies.

With the number of universities in India growing like anything, the number of engineering students coming out of college is huge. Hence, GATE has become the compulsory medium to evaluate the best of the students.

But why GATE? Why is it necessary for doing well in GATE exam? Couldn’t you get a good job or a decent university without GATE?

Of course you can get jobs and M.E/M.Tech admissions in colleges without GATE score. But you cannot expect to join the premiere companies and institutes. GATE score is used to measure the calibre of engineering students. GATE is no easy exam and it takes a mammoth effort to succeed in it.

Btechguru brings to you few noteworthy benefits of having a good GATE score:

Advantages of working in public sector companies like Indian Oil Corporation, BHEL, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and NTPC are many and so is the competition. It is pretty obvious that these companies cannot recruit all the engineers in India. GATE score is the first and the most important gateway to stand a chance of getting selected into these companies. If you have good GATE scores, then consider that 80% of your recruitment is complete. High salaries, everlasting job security and awesome perks are awaiting you.

Even for M.Tech admissions in top notch universities like IITs and IISc, it is mandatory to have a good GATE score. Students who qualify for these colleges using GATE scores are entitled for a minimum stipend of Rs. 8000 PM during their course. Now that you join IITs and IISc, you can easily expect salaries ranging from a minimum of INR 8 Lakh per annum.

Haven’t got a chance to do an UG in IITs, NITs? Do not worry. GATE can help you with another opportunity. Not only can you apply to top Indian institutions, but you are also eligible for doing Masters at the National University of Singapore, which is regarded as one of the best technical universities in the world. Such is the value of GATE score.

For research fellowships in CSIR Labs and R&D centres, clearing GATE is mandatory.

A good GATE score is not through luck definitely. It is through a person’s dedication in learning the technical aspects of his/her field. This gives a very good technical understanding to you and you will have an edge over others in interviews.

Students should understand that this exam is one of the turning points of their career. One could expect to clear the exam easily by the following ways:

  • Having a clear understanding of the subjects of their course.
  • Knowing your interests and choosing the right GATE examination. If you think that you are skilled in some particular subjects, then choose the GATE exam model accordingly.
  • Taking part in laboratory classes with keen interests.
  • Advanced preparation: If you are going to write GATE examination in your final year, then start gathering study materials by end of 2nd Dedicate the whole of the 3rd year for preparation. Spend at least an hour every weekday and you can master the subjects easily.
  • Solve previous question papers: This is the most important part. Your preparations in the last couple of months before exam should be of solving the GATE question papers. Not only does this give you a fair idea about the question patterns, but you can also learn to answer quickly. In GATE examinations, time is a very important factor. You got to think quickly and answer in seconds.
  • Get professor’s help on smartly understanding tough topics or problems. As discussed earlier, GATE is all about thinking smart and answering quickly. So get connected with a well-qualified professor and get smart insights from them.
  • If the above mentioned self-study is tricky for you, join a good GATE coaching centre or take an online course from trusted sites.
  • Attending as many MOCK Tests: This is the final part. Do as many mock tests. Understand your actual ability like time management and skill levels. Always remember, your GATE score will be somewhere close to what you achieve in MOCK tests.

Doesn’t it sound good to be one of the persons to have a good GATE score? Why won’t it! GATE preparation is tough enough but we at Btechguru have solutions for you. With proper guidance, anyone can achieve success. 40000+ students have been benefited by our courses . You can also become one. Have a look at our FREE PREVIEW VIDEO for GATE preparation in this link: https://www.btechguru.com/courses/gate-preparation.

My Experience with the e-learning wizard

23 May

A few days ago, I got a call. An interview it was, for an internship. Before applying, I had done a little background research on the company, well, nothing beyond what Google could offer me. A peek into their website itself gave me a lot of insight and information. Stacked with various packages on things from how to crack an exam, to how to choose a career, btechguru.com looked like the place to be. The person on the other end of the line, after a number of questions about myself and my affinity towards his firm, asked me to take a personality test, which at that moment was just a name on the website for me. ““My choice my future” (MCMF) it is called, please take the test and get back to me”, he said.

After a bit of research, I found that this was a career personality assessment test. Well, I am a girl who just crossed her teens and well, let us just say that I have not given much thought into what or where I will be ten years from now. I was hesitant at first but later on I managed to go through the test like any other small talk. The language and the style of the questions made me feel comfortable and I waded through them without much effort. However I did wonder how these questions would translate into my character profile for a career. Consequently, when I obtained the results, I saw in paper, to my surprise just what my parents, teachers and my introspecting self have been analyzing about me. My whole career profile was laid out, right in front of my eyes, achieved with just 72 questions. I later learnt that a lot of work is done by psychiatrists, professors, and personnel from various professions in making the questions as professional, accurate and comfortable as possible.

The MCMF venture is just one among the myriad of facilities that btechguru offers. Preparation material for various entrance exams, career counseling, videos, solutions, mock tests, btechguru has it all. It is the online portal of the company by name Bodhbridge Educational Services Private Limited. From being a simple and honest attempt on the part of an IIT Madras alumnus Mr.Balaraju Kondaveeti to cater to the needs of countless number of students clueless about their career choices and lack of opportunities to enter premier institutes, it has now grown to an entity by itself, and has come to be known to the world as “The Virtual Boon to Engineers”.

Placement ready which is a go-to for all placement requirements provided through video based training can be accessed through college local server, internet or even a mobile phone. This I believe is a very valuable tool for a person who is just out of college to be equipped with the necessary skills and find opportunities for the same. This tool enables the person  to face placements without the fear that it usually generates.  Exam gauge, mainly focused on popular companies like TCS, Wipro, and Infosys etc. is an assessment platform for aptitude (analytical and creative). It is a programme which generates an employability analysis report to the user and the management itself. Pro One Gate, which provides material created through careful speculation and deliberation for GATE exam is another feather on its cap. The unique feature of this product is that it indexes NPTEL material specifically for the exam. Videos are available online for everything, but this allows us to identify which one to choose for the exam and this serves as a huge help to filter our requirements. They also provide sample formats for resume`s, statements of purposes etc, which as deciding factors for any job or internship. Local Guru is another one of their products which customizes NPTEL materials according to the local need. The local college network server will be equipped with the videos which the student can access without going online.

If you have a relentless passion to follow one’s dream, from what I see of it, btechguru will provide you with the needed. The teacher student interaction is envisioned at the highest to ensure maximum quality and reach. Apart from being a popular commercial activity, btechguru has been a platform for students who cannot access quality research material/ exam material and benefit from it. With new ventures and ideas lined up, the e-learning wizard is set to go further up the ladder and I hopefully get to be part of the whole learning and growing process. This process is the only way forward for students of today to follow their dreams even if they are considered ill-equipped for whatever they dream towards. It will also enable them to consider entrepreneurship as a possible career option and consequently lead to the development of the country as a whole.

Aparna C S,

2nd Year, Integrated Masters in Development Studies,

IIT Madras.

IIT Madras developed test along with BodhBridge to help students pick career

4 Mar

TOI - MCMF - Pre-Launch