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Provide Value to Prospective Students, Improve your College Admissions and Improve Employability.

11 Apr

In India, we have more than 350 deemed universities and thousands of private educational institutions (including autonomous). All these institutions work very hard to improve the quantity and quality of their admissions. Every educational institution want to admit more number of students who are passionate and have strong aptitude for their courses.

Unfortunately, most students are not making informed and independent career choices. Most of these young kids are influenced by parents and peers while making their career choices.  Even, some parents today are going through a lot of peer pressure. It is important for parents to allow their children to pursue their passion to showcase their talents and become successful in life with minimal stress.

All most, all the educational institutions (private ones) run huge number of advertisements in TV, newspaper and Internet about their placements, faculty, infrastructure and campus culture to attract the students to their universities. After admitting these students based on various criteria, these institutions find it equally tough to make them employable.  Most students end up in engineering courses without much awareness about the same. These students will not have personal motivation or interest towards these courses. Obviously, employability may become a problem for these students if they are not serious.

As per India Today’s article on 13th July 2016, Only 7 percent engineering graduates are employable.

Alternatively, educational institutions can offer career counseling before admitting students and select them based on their interest, aptitude and personality. This will help colleges to improve the quality of students coming to their institutions. If an educational institutions offers an independent career counseling to students before offering admission, the brand equity of the institution among students and parents is bound to improve. This will lead to improvement in the quality and quantity of admissions of an educational institution.

How to Crack GRE – Exclusive Interview with GRE Topper from IIT Madras:Sindhu (340/340)

21 Dec



Interview with an IIT Madras graduate who made it big in GRE with a score of 340.

She shares complete strategy from planning GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) to preparing for all three sections (Verbal Reasoning; Quantitative Reasoning;

Analytical Writing) for the test.A must watch for all of you who are planning to write GRE in future.
Name: Sindhu Sreedhara
Degree: B. Tech, Electrical Engineering
College: IIT Madras
GRE Score: 340/340 (Verbal – 170, Quantitative – 170, Writing – 4.5/6)

1. Practice
2. Form a strategy to answer questions
3. Expand your vocabulary

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