My Experience with the e-learning wizard

23 May

A few days ago, I got a call. An interview it was, for an internship. Before applying, I had done a little background research on the company, well, nothing beyond what Google could offer me. A peek into their website itself gave me a lot of insight and information. Stacked with various packages on things from how to crack an exam, to how to choose a career, looked like the place to be. The person on the other end of the line, after a number of questions about myself and my affinity towards his firm, asked me to take a personality test, which at that moment was just a name on the website for me. ““My choice my future” (MCMF) it is called, please take the test and get back to me”, he said.

After a bit of research, I found that this was a career personality assessment test. Well, I am a girl who just crossed her teens and well, let us just say that I have not given much thought into what or where I will be ten years from now. I was hesitant at first but later on I managed to go through the test like any other small talk. The language and the style of the questions made me feel comfortable and I waded through them without much effort. However I did wonder how these questions would translate into my character profile for a career. Consequently, when I obtained the results, I saw in paper, to my surprise just what my parents, teachers and my introspecting self have been analyzing about me. My whole career profile was laid out, right in front of my eyes, achieved with just 72 questions. I later learnt that a lot of work is done by psychiatrists, professors, and personnel from various professions in making the questions as professional, accurate and comfortable as possible.

The MCMF venture is just one among the myriad of facilities that btechguru offers. Preparation material for various entrance exams, career counseling, videos, solutions, mock tests, btechguru has it all. It is the online portal of the company by name Bodhbridge Educational Services Private Limited. From being a simple and honest attempt on the part of an IIT Madras alumnus Mr.Balaraju Kondaveeti to cater to the needs of countless number of students clueless about their career choices and lack of opportunities to enter premier institutes, it has now grown to an entity by itself, and has come to be known to the world as “The Virtual Boon to Engineers”.

Placement ready which is a go-to for all placement requirements provided through video based training can be accessed through college local server, internet or even a mobile phone. This I believe is a very valuable tool for a person who is just out of college to be equipped with the necessary skills and find opportunities for the same. This tool enables the person  to face placements without the fear that it usually generates.  Exam gauge, mainly focused on popular companies like TCS, Wipro, and Infosys etc. is an assessment platform for aptitude (analytical and creative). It is a programme which generates an employability analysis report to the user and the management itself. Pro One Gate, which provides material created through careful speculation and deliberation for GATE exam is another feather on its cap. The unique feature of this product is that it indexes NPTEL material specifically for the exam. Videos are available online for everything, but this allows us to identify which one to choose for the exam and this serves as a huge help to filter our requirements. They also provide sample formats for resume`s, statements of purposes etc, which as deciding factors for any job or internship. Local Guru is another one of their products which customizes NPTEL materials according to the local need. The local college network server will be equipped with the videos which the student can access without going online.

If you have a relentless passion to follow one’s dream, from what I see of it, btechguru will provide you with the needed. The teacher student interaction is envisioned at the highest to ensure maximum quality and reach. Apart from being a popular commercial activity, btechguru has been a platform for students who cannot access quality research material/ exam material and benefit from it. With new ventures and ideas lined up, the e-learning wizard is set to go further up the ladder and I hopefully get to be part of the whole learning and growing process. This process is the only way forward for students of today to follow their dreams even if they are considered ill-equipped for whatever they dream towards. It will also enable them to consider entrepreneurship as a possible career option and consequently lead to the development of the country as a whole.

Aparna C S,

2nd Year, Integrated Masters in Development Studies,

IIT Madras.


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