Btechguru Sales Partner or Distributorship Opportunity

23 Nov
Btechguru is happy to inform you that it launched Sales Partner/Distributorship Models. 
  1. Sales Partner Model for Individuals
  2. Distributor Model for Companies

Btechguru is interested to take some of its successful products to more colleges and students.

Enthusiastic individuals or companies with good access to colleges and students are interested can look at Btechguru sales partner/distributor model.  This model gives an opportunity to companies and individuals to earn money with minimum efforts. The role of the Sales Partner or Distributor is to sell the Btechguru products to colleges and students.
Responsibilities of the Sales Partner/Distributor:
    1. Establishing contact with College and pitching the product
    2. Giving the Demo of the Product if Required
    3. Making a Product Sale
    4. Opportunity to earn Revenue with no/less investment
Responsibilities of  Btechguru:
  1. Btechguru will supply brochures and necessary documents.
  2. Btechguru’s Marketing Team will support you in answering the queries.
  3. Product Delivery and Installation is done by Btechguru.
  4. Placement Ready will be maintained by Btechguru
  5. Good Revenue ensured based on Performance
Eligibility to become Sales Partner:
  • Should have access to colleges and students
  • Should have experience in selling educational products and services to colleges and students
  • Individuals and Companies/Firms across the country are eligible to apply
  • Zero Investment to the Sales Partner (for Individuals)
  • Low Investment to the Distributors (for Companies/firms)
For details about Btechguru, please look at
If you are interested to become a Sales partner/Distributor, please send in your profile (companies and Individuals) to
For further details:
You can contact us @ 044-24321077,  91-9003106272, 91-9840406181

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