Campus Ambassador Programme

31 Mar

Apply for Campus Ambassador Programme: is looking for enthusiastic Campus Ambassadors to join our (CAP) Campus Ambassador program and work with our company.

What is Campus Ambassador Programme (CAP)?

Campus Ambassadors are the voice of in their college who plays a key role and To be well-connected with the campus creatively. It is essential to have the employability Skills and to prove yourself in the competitive world.

A few people can get a chance to get experience of working in a team. We, came up with the integrated CAP (Campus Ambassador Program).

What are the responsibilities of a CA?

As a Campus Ambassador, you shall be expected to:


    • Increase awareness about in and around your campus.


    • Encourage and assist students to register and complete their profiles to benefit from Btechguru services


    • Build a good communication with your Training and placement coordinator and inform about Btechguru jobs.


    • Conduct the various innovative events in your campus with our support.


    • Get critical feedback from the community.


    • Create visibility for at your campus events.


    • Provide a brief documentation about an event that you wish to conduct in your College that needs the publicity from



How do you benefit as a CA?

    • Certificate of Appreciation will be given from Btechguru.


    • You will receive our company identity card.


    • Brings you tremendous importance in your college.


    • You will also receive freebies like T-Shirts, i-pods, etc based on your work.


    • You will be listed on if we are pleased with your work.


    • Recommendation letter will be given if your work is extra-ordinary.


What is the Eligibility Criteria to become a CA?

Being a Campus Ambassador the candidate must contain the following skill set.

    • Initiative and be able to communicate with new people.


    • Excellent organizational and communicational skills


    • Good Internet knowledge is essential.


    • The candidate must be a student.


    • We prefer a recommendation/reference letter from your training and placement officer or faculty member.


Note: Only one or two students will be taken from each Institution, so be the first of your friends.

How can you apply for CAP?

1. Statement of purpose

2. Resume

3. Recommendation letter from your Training & Placement officer or Faculty member.

4. Mention your Btechguru Public profile URL.

Please mail us above mentioned things to

Short listing process for the CA programme:

a. Your profile at Btechguru will be one of the short listing criteria to know how active you are at

b. Recommendation letter from Training and Placement Officer or Faculty member.

c. Based on your Resume and other interests.

For any queries, please contact,

Prashanth Kumar. G

Sales & Marketing Manager,

Ph:             9003016272      .


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