Btechguru Online Profile Competition

31 Mar
Purpose of Online Profile Competition

1. Performance in University Exams is not enough to get employment. Today’s recruiters look at students/candidates who have domain knowledge and be able to communicate well, work in teams, lead a team if required.

2. This competition enables students to learn, practice and showcase their skills on this platform in each of the above mentioned areas(Domain Knowledge, Communication Skills, Ability to work with teams and lead teams with new ideas).

3. The points achieved by a candidate in this competition may become one of the criteria for recruiters looking for the above mentioned skills.

Positive Points for:

# Activity Points for Activity
a. Adding a new document upload 
(User can upload Assignments, Notes, Previous year Question papers, Placement papers, e-Books, other material)
50 points
b. Adding a new blog 5 points
c. Adding a new video 5 points
d. Adding a new bookmark 5 points
e. Adding a News item 10 points
f. Participating in a discussion 5 points
g. Writing comment about a content 5 points
h. No. of Friends – n * 5 5 points
i. Rating Friend’s item 5 points
j. Rated an item 1 point
k. Inviting a friend to 25 points
l. Invite to friend 2 points
m. Sending/Reply message to a friend 1 point
n. Friend adding your item to his list 2 points
o. Full resume 200 points
Benefits of Participating in Profile Competition:

a. Helps you to showcase your technical profile to Recruiters, Higher Educational Institutions

b. Helps you to create your public profile URL, Similar to

c. Helps you to articulate your technical interests,assignments, project ideas, reports, question papers, quizzes, campus events, interview experiences

d. Helps you to win prizes and Merit Certificates from

If you have any problems in using your profile page, please mail your queries to

Negative points for:

(We calculate the points recieved by a member from another member and vice versa. Any collusion between the members or group of

members indicated by abnormal points allotment between the members would be dealt with severe penalty)

# Activity Points for Activity
a. Add Abused upload item – 20 points
b. Add Abused video – 20 points for each

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