Placement Ready – An Affordable and Efficient Training and Placement Platform.

29 Mar

What is Placement Ready?

Placement Ready is an innovative Platform for Recruitment, Assessment, Video Based Training Platform. Students can learn Communication skills, English Grammar, Aptitude, Group Discussion, Interview Tips, Logical reasoning, technical questions, resume building, team work, etc. using more than 2,500 training videos available in Placement Ready. Videos have been delivered by experts from the industry and the academia.

Students will write weekly and monthly assessments to track their progress in learning. Students can access these videos and quizzes in college LAN, internet and mobile through a username and password. All this will enable students to improve their employability. Placement Ready also provides off-campus and pooled campus placement opportunities to the students through college portal. Placement Ready takes advantage of large number of off-campus opportunities available and provides opportunities to students even after they graduate. Placement Ready can be accessed Placement Ready is given to students at a very affordable price. Placement Ready is an Efficient and Affordable Training and Placement Platform.

Placement Ready is developed by BodhBridge Educational Services,which was initially incubated by C-TIDES, IIT Madras. Now, BodhBridge has got a reach to more than 2000 Educational Institutions across the country.

BodhBridge (btechguru) was started by Mr.Balaraju Kondaveeti who did his M.S (Entrepreneurship) from IIT Madras. Mr.Balaraju won the Best Student Plan Award in Business Plan Conclave Organized by PAN IIT Global Conference in 2008. Mr.Balaraju won the National Budding Innovator Award for 2009 from NRDC, a Govt. of India Enterprise.


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