21 Apr


Btechguru is an effective platform for students of all courses to network and share information. We personally believe that it’s the right educational portal where one can develop one’s knowledge in almost every educational division and also can get placed in a prestigious firm. One can have knowledge on latest developments in technology and various technical events across the country through Btechguru.

Apart from B.E and B.Tech students, Btechguru helps students of all bachelor and master degree courses such as B.Com, BCA, BBA, M.Com, MCA, MBA, and MSc, on preparing competitive exams like GATE, CAT and GRE by providing study materials and also in exams on Civil Service of India. Training on Communication skills, Software & IT is also provided in this portal which is beneficiary to all students in common.

Guidance about jobs and internships, higher studies, personality development, entrepreneurship are provided along with materials for Resume building, Group discussions, paper presentation and Tips on attending Job interviews and Visa interviews too.

In, every student is allowed to have a personal profile and resume so that recruiters can get to know them. They can also browse and apply for jobs that have vacancies. And recruiters in turn can register their company and post the job vacancies, and they can recruit the students. For more details,

Yet again a useful feature of Btechguru is easy and effective learning through watching videos and participating in discussions.

Important point to be noted is that many of the services mentioned above are provided for FREE.

To be rightly said, Btechguru is a boon to all students! You can also benefit from


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